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Secondary (High) Schools and Academy School Animal Workshops

Zoo2U with meerkats at secondary school

Zoo2U's values encapsulate their areas of focus; to ensure your experience with the animals is Interactive, Educational and Inspirational. The wide range of animals means that they can offer Secondary Schools and Academies a truly unique animal workshop experience.

There are so many ways Zoo2U can help and with their vast experience visiting many Academies and Secondary schools, they will be able to offer educational and fun animal workshops experience for everyone.

Their animals are wide and varied, including Meerkats, Chameleons, Hedgehogs, Owls, Parrots, Kookaburras, Guinea Pigs, Tenrecs, Snakes, Scorpions, Tortoises and many more! A Zoo2U school animal workshop enables pupils to see the school curriculum come to life in a safe environment where they can interact with the animals. Meanwhile any questions can be answered by Zoo2U’s experienced Animal Presenters!

Secondary Schools and Academies can use Zoo2U in a variety of different ways. Some examples are below:

  • Class Room Learning - Habitats, Adaptations, Prey and Predator etc
  • Zoo2U At Secondary School Careers Fair
  • School Assembly
  • Static Displays at Career Fairs
  • School Fete’s and Fairs
  • Enrichment Days
  • Treat days
  • ...and many more

A Zoo2U school animal workshop is truly a wonderful learning experience that will have the children and teachers talking about the unforgettable experience for a long time. Each animal encounter is tailored to your requirements, so children (and teenagers) of all ages, from Year 7 all the way up to Upper 6th Form (Year 13), get the most out of each experience.

If you have an idea about how Zoo2U can help, then please get in contact. Zoo2U are very creative and will be able to tailor a package to help you!

Examples where your Zoo2U can enhance the curriculum subjects at your Academy or Secondary School include:

  • Food Chains
  • Biodiversity
  • Habitats
  • Prey and predator
  • Adaptations
  • Geography topics
  • Art and design projects
  • ...and many more

Dear Zoo2U, thank you so much for coming into our school for the day. Your enthusiasm shone through and left the children captivated by your exotic animal team, which had a perfect balance between fur, feathers and scales! I was particularly impressed with the level of interaction in each workshop, which catered very well for each of the different age groups. The Zoo2U staff have an obvious passion to educate and inspire through a fun hands on experience. My staff would gladly recommend you and I have already booked your next visit!

Ivor Johnstone (Head Teacher), St Oswald’s CofE Primary School, Nantwich

The Animals

Zoo2U at secondary school assembly
  • Reptiles; such as lizards, snakes and tortoises
  • Birds; such as owls and parrots
  • Mammals; such as hedgehogs and meerkats

All Zoo2U animals are captive bred and have been handpicked to create an exciting, fun and adaptable team. Their animals have all been handled from young so are super friendly and enjoy interacting with humans, which means that Zoo2U can offer a hands-on animal workshop encounter which is safe, educational and of course fun!

Zoo2U are proud of the wonderful educational benefits they bring to all ages, be it Year 7 all the way to Sixth Form students. Click on the links below to visit school websites and see the impact Zoo2U brings:

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Zoo2U are a family run business who specialise in Exotic Animal Encouters. Their values are to bring an Inspiring, Educational and Interactive experience every time through their amazing diverse animal collection

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