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COVID-19 Bookings Update - 18th June 2020

Zoo2U at school

We hope you are all managing through the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve really missed our visits to you and we’ll like to extend our thoughts to all who are affected by the ever-changing situation, it is truly a worrying time for us all.

We wanted to confirm we currently remain closed due to the nature of our highly interactive indoor facility and outreach services. Therefore, any visits or Discovery Centre experiences that we were due to carry out since 23rd March are presently not able to go ahead. If we haven’t been in touch to ask if you would like to reschedule, we would ask for your consideration on this. We do plan to fulfil all bookings which were unable to be run as planned.

For those of you who are have bookings coming up, we can’t fulfil these at present until the government tell us otherwise. Therefore, we would also ask you to consider rescheduling.

Over the past 3 months we have lost our entire source of income and unlike many businesses our costs have not really changed, due to animal welfare standards needing to be met. So far we’ve managed to struggle through with some government help and the generosity of the public.

In light of the above, we are launching a brand new virtual service which we hope will be of interest to you and your colleagues. Click here for more information.

Once lockdown is eased we will continue to offer our wonderful Educational Animal Workshops. We understand that there are concerns about inviting outside companies into schools and homes which is why we have been working in association with BIAZA (the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and Cheshire East council to update our risk assessments in preparation.

Zoo2U COVID-19 Update - 6th June 2020

Ben and Beau

Firstly thank you very much to all those kind people who have supported us through the COVID-19 pandemic (via or Paypal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We really appreciate all of the donations and purchases that have helped keep us going. As things stand we have been working with our MP’s and BIAZA to ensure that we have the funding to continue.

As things stand the government is offering support until the end of July. We have applied for this funding however please be aware that we know of many zoo’s who have had this funding rejected.

We are carefully planning for the next stages of engagement with our amazing supporters and customers. To this effect we will be implementing the following soon to ensure the ongoing welfare of our animals and subsequently sustain the business:

  • Resume Outreach – We are re-writing our risk assessments and carefully planning how we can continue to deliver outreach to schools, parties etc whilst adhering to safe distancing. We expect news soon.
  • Discovery Centre – We are working with Hall Farm to be able to open the doors to our zoo and intend to put on some displays both in our centre and outside. These will be managed carefully to ensure safe social distancing is adhered, but we also provide a good experience.
  • Patronage – We will be delivering new monthly subscription services to help sustain the business on an ongoing basis. These will be via where subscription services will delivery behind the scene footage, exclusive animal learning information and lots of fun personalised content involving our animals. Look out for this coming soon!

Zoo2U Closure - Coronavirus

Black Friday Deals

Following in the footsteps of many other UK zoos and in light of recent government recommendations, it is with a very heavy heart that the decision has been made to close Zoo2U, as of 5pm 23.03.20. The team and I are hopeful that this will not be a permanent closure.

I have no words that convey just how upsetting this is. Zoo2U was set up in April 2012 and I am so proud of how it has grown over the years. Zoo2U is not just a business, it is my business and has been my entire life’s work since it’s conception. Our mission statement is ‘Interact, Educate, Inspire’ and I strongly believe that this is what we have achieved through the many hundreds of outreach visits we have done. Thank you so much to everyone who has ever booked us and encountered our beautiful animals. With our 9th birthday around the corner we will probably be remembering the day in a more sombre manner than usual.

I just wanted to put your minds at ease that our animals and keepers are all safe and well, and we are keeping up to date and following government guidelines on minimising the risk to each other. We are of course worried that our entire income stream has now gone, as we are primarily an outreach company with a small amount of onsite experiences delivered. We still have over 60 animals to care for and staff to keep paying (zookeepers cannot be furloughed!). However, we will not go down without a fight!

We would encourage you to support us any way you can to ensure to help us get through. We have already been compiling a list of activities that you can get involved in virtually with us, as well as some virtual educational sessions for children. We will still be selling vouchers for our Meerkat, Skunk, Reptile and Zookeeper experiences (with expiry dates being extended initially to 12 months) and if you are looking for an outreach visit of any kind, we will still be taking enquiries. This pandemic will end at some point and we hope with your help it will be all systems go again! Don’t forget that we do also sell merchandise and we are working to get our online shop up to date with current stock for you to buy. Also, brand new for 2020, our adopt an animal package was launched and this is due to go live on our website as soon as possible. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to know more information about anything I’ve mentioned.

We hate to ask for donations but as our income source has all but gone we now rely entirely on the good will of you lovely lot. If you are able to spare any financial donation at all, no matter how small, we would be so so grateful. Any money received will go directly into the care of our animals. Please donate via Paypal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or we can provide bank details for a transfer.

Finally, we understand that this is a worrying time of uncertainty for us all, we are all in this together and we encourage each and every one of you to respect the government’s advice, put it into action and stay safe! You will not only be protecting yourself but also your loved ones. We are an altruistic species, lets show our true colours now and protect each other so we can go on to enjoy a future together in this wonderful world we call home. Melissa x

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